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Merchant Marine Monument

Only Monument dedicated to the Radio Officers of World War 2

In Boston's North End is a small monument to the Merchant Marines that died in World War Two. The monument is located in Langone Park.

Duty Done Monument Boston

Some Notes About the Monument

  • It's the first monument to Radio Officers of World War 2.
  • Monument was initially dedicated 1944 in the Fenway area
  • It was rededicated in November 11, 1988 (Veterans Day) by Gladys Reed a Sea Captain Widow
  • The top of the monument is a small boat in an angle as if it was sinking.
  • It's located in a grassy area of Langone Park with views of the USS Constitution.
  • The location of the monument was once where the 1890 Massachusetts training ship Nantucket was created.
  • If you look carefully at the monument you'll see a morse code signifying the the famous radio sign off.

On one of the side, where the bush is growing next to the monument, you can see a U.S. Maritime Service Logo with the slogan, "By Their Deeds Measures Yours"

Duty Done (Front Side)

Names that appear on the front side:

  • Alonzo Carter
  • James T. Cotton Jr.
  • Richard V. Carlson
  • Stone V. Lowry
  • James J. Flynn
  • Walter Skiba
  • Milford G. Bloom
  • Herman R. Mosler
  • James Clark
  • Edwin W. Ardzienski - Radio Officer, S.S. Paul Hamilton, U.S. Merchant Marines during World War II.
  • Andrew J. Tocco
  • Vincent A. Kirk
  • Thomas S. Porter Jr
  • George S. Hord

On the bottom it says, "Presented to the people of Boston by the U.S. Maritime Service"

Country Served

Names that appear on the right side:

  • Arnold L. Tangen
  • Roy O. Thomas
  • William H. McLaurin
  • James A. McGill
  • Dean H. Cook
  • Martin Kuger
  • John P. Leahan
  • Theodore R. Scrivener
  • Carl S. Dalbey Jr
  • Isidore J. Weinberg
  • William R. Fletcher
  • Daniel P. Singer
  • Andrew L McLeod
  • Fred C. Handson



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