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Thompson Island Cemetery

Thompson Island Cemetery

Thompson Island is the only Boston Harbor island to have a private graveyard. The graveyard is located on the southern tip of the island.

The sign at the site reads:

In 1842, 23 students who were being rewarded for good behavior with a fishing trip perished tragically in a boating accident. To honor these students the school created this cemetery. Nearly five decades later another boating mishap took the lives of seven more students they too are buried here. The cemetery also includes students or island residents who passed away from illness or accidents, as well as several pre-contact Indians whose remains were discovered on the island.

People that are burried here:

Charles W Ackers 1870 August 10, 1879
James Roach Nov. 20, 1873 September 6, 1885
Charles Lind October 1, 1902
Unknown Wampanoag Indiana (Skeleton remains were reburied in 1941)

23 of the 29 Individuals that died in April 29, 1842, boating accident

Specific names were not found.

Seven of the 9 Individuals that died in April 10, 1892, boating accident

  • George F. Ellis (16)
  • Thomas Phillips (16)
  • William W. Curran (17)
  • Charles R. Graves (17)
  • Harvey E. Loud (16)
  • Adelbert H. Packard (16)

Thompsons Graveyard
A view of Thompson Island Cemetery with overgrown weeds.

Some interesting information about the graveyard

  • The cemetery has not been taken care of and many gravestones have sadly disappeared. There are lots of overgrown weeds growing throughout the cemetery.
  • The only gravestone that is visible is Charles Lind who died on October 1, 1902.
  • Based on various news sources there are 33 people buried at the graveyard.
  • The graveyard seems very small for that many people being buried here. I estimate that the cemetery is 9 x 20.
  • When the cemetery first opens the students at the Boston Farm would hold a special service on Memorial Day.



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