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Public Bathrooms of the Back bay

Some good bathroom options in Boston's Back back

I remember when I was a teenager and we visited the Waikiki Shopping Plaza in Hawaii. They had an automated kiosk that would help customers in the mall, if you pressed the bathroom button you would hear a lady singing:

You can travel here and there
You can travel everywhere
there's no place like Hawaii...
..and when you have to go... you have to go...
the bathroom are upstairs to your right...

Today's post about bathroom seems a bit ridiculous until you need a place to go. These are some of the places that you can find a bathroom if you need to go. You can find restrooms in all the restaurants in Boston, but if you need a quick place to go, here are three public facilities that have bathrooms:

Back Bay Bathrooms

Back Bay Station

Located on 145 Dartmouth Street Boston, MA, the Back Bay T Station is the third most popular MBTA station in Boston. The station serves the Orange Line and the Commuter Rail for many trains that depart or arrive at South Station. The bathrooms is right near the ticket area at street level.

While the bathrooms may not be super clean, they are in better shape than any facility you'll would find on a train. Definitely worth stopping in before getting on the train.

Prudential Shops

The Prudential Mall, officially called the 'The Shops at Prudential Center' is located at the base of the Prudential tower. The best entrance to get to the bathrooms would be Huntington Ave entrance near Shaws.

The Prudential Mall is currently undergoing some major changes and the bathrooms are in a different location than you may be used to. The bathrooms are now located near Levenger in the ?Back Bay Arcade? wing. The mall does a good job keeping the bathrooms nice and clean.

The bathrooms are usually accessible outside of the regular Mall hours since many people travel through the mall going to/from work.

Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is one of the nation?s oldest public library. You can find some very nice art around the library. They have an impressive collection of Newspapers and Magazines in microfiche format.

Use the Boylston Street entrance and head downstairs as soon as you enter the staircase area. You'll see the bathroom signs at the bottom of the stairs.

I have found that these aren't the cleanest bathrooms in the Back Bay. The library tries to keep the place clean. However, they are popular with homeless as they spend much of the day in the library to keep warm or dry.



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