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Unscheduled DowntimeJune 18, 2013

The website was down for 10 hours yesterday due to a hard drive failure. The site came back online around 6pm with no loss of data.

I recently backed up the entire website, so I wasn't too worried about data lost. If you host a Blog or Website, make sure that you perform regular back ups. Don't rely on your hosting provider, as their last back up might miss some valuable data.

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Google FishingJanuary 29, 2013

I recently found a lot of 404 queries in my error log coming from A search online shows that this IP address is coming from It looks like that Google is sending words to find unpublished areas of this website.

I guess this is one way for Google to build up their search database, however, if I wanted to make certain areas public, I would have put a link on the homepage or in the sitelink.xml. I guess the lesson here is to use complex directory names to hide from Google.

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Random TextJuly 08, 2011

I am updating my testing text and thought I would dump the old values here for entertainment sakes:

  • Samoa Rainwater's Principle
  • Persians Shipbuilders Principle
  • Mainstreaming Buford Principle
  • Grammarians Antananarivo's Principle
You can find more random Theory name on the Random Theory page.

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The domain name is not the same as The domain gets redirected to a survey page which looks like a Google page.

Nice try. I am guessing that they get a lot of people thinking that they just won some contest being run by Google.

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Website DownApril 15, 2011
General Spash page for Network Solutions

For a couple of hours yesterday this site was down because I forgot to check to see when the domain expired. Network Solution put up a temporary website placeholder to let people know that the domain needed to be registered.

I wasn't able to renew online because the domain had expired, so I had to get on the phone with Network Solutions because some of the registration information was out of date. This website was registered on April 8, 1998 and pretty much all my contact information has changed since then.

The people at Network Solutions was very helpful and within a few minutes I was able to get the domain back up and running. They asked some basic security questions and lucky me I passed the test.

I only signed up for a couple of years because I do think that Network Solutions is a little pricey for domain registration and I'll probably switch to another registrar at some point.

Glad the site is back up and running! Welcome back!

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