TextExpander Tips and Tricks (Legacy)

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July 2, 2017Chrome TextExpander SnippetsEmpty
April 8, 2017Generate HTML Image Tag QuicklyEmpty
October 1, 2016Days to 2016 ElectionEmpty
April 6, 2016Evernote as a Backup Source Empty
March 2, 2016TextExpander Calendar SnippetsEmpty
March 2, 2016Latin Dictionary as a Random SourceEmpty
February 24, 2016Screenshot with the Firefox Developer ToolbarEmpty
February 17, 2016Computer IdentificationEmpty
February 10, 2016Getting Your IP AddressCreate a TextExpander snippet to get you IP address on demand.
February 3, 2016Time based Greetings in SlackEmpty
January 27, 2016Atlasssian Jira SnippetsEmpty
January 20, 2016Spilt Camel Case SnippetEmpty
January 13, 2016Unicode in TextExpanderStoring obscure characters from Unicode in TextExpander is a good way to use it for testing.
January 6, 2016Converting Date/Time to HoursIts easy to display the hours until a certain date using TextExpander. See my example.
December 30, 2015Getting the Browser VersionA simple tip on getting the current web browser version using AppleScript and TextExpander.
December 23, 2015Displaying the Browser URLUsing AppleScript it's easy to display the Browser URL from any app.
December 16, 2015Quick Phone Number formating Use TextExpander to quickly format a phone number.
December 9, 2015JavaScript for OS X Automation in TextExpanderEmpty
December 2, 2015TextExpander URL Subdomain SlicerEmpty
November 25, 2015Parse text using TextExpander Empty
November 18, 2015Random Email Address for testingEmpty
November 11, 2015Using TextExpander to Display DateEmpty
October 28, 2015Text from an External URLEmpty
October 21, 2015Going Random with TextExpanderEmpty
October 14, 2015Create Folder on the DesktopEmpty