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Rapidly Open Multiple Pages at Once

Simple Instructions on opening multiple Tabs at one time.

Each week during Code Freeze, I need to verify the database changes that we are planning on shipping out. We maintain a GIT repository where database files are stored. There are many components to our application, and thus it requires me to verify different URLs.

Thankfully, using AppleScript and TextExpander, it's very easy to open up multiple sites in different tabs at once.

Quickly Opening up Multiple URLs

Here's a sample AppleScript to open up three sites, each URL will open in its own tab. So when I need to open up 9 different URLs, I type in my TextExpander shortcut: show.sites

tell application "Google Chrome"
set websiteList to {"", "", ""}
repeat with theURL in websiteList
   set myVar to theURL
   set myTab to make new tab at end of tabs of window 1
  set URL of myTab to myVar
end repeat
end tell

Sample Code in TextExpander

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Francesco Where i can write this snippet ?
Sue CharlesYou write the snippet in the TextExpander application. See the Add Snippet video.

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