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Art Text 4: Photo Colorize

Make an Ordinary Photo be Extraordinary

In the latest update, Art Text 4 included a new tool to make images look like art. This is done by using the Spray Tool to match the color of the image. It's a cool way to make an ordinary image to stand out.

BeLight Software includes 11 different Photo Colorized designs in the Typography Templates in Art Text 4 and in Letters. Simply select the style you like and then replace the image with your own.

Photo Colorize

How to Change the Colorize Image

  1. Select a Photo Colorize Template from the template gallery
  2. Select the Image and in the RIght Menu click on fill
  3. Scroll down and click on the Gear next to Colorize
  4. Click on the Placeholder Image
  5. Choose the folder that has the image you want to use, for example Desktop.
  6. In Art Text 4, you can may all sorts of changes to the Density, Size and Angle. Each change creates a different effect.

Boston Colorized
Boston's Back Bay in a nice Colorized image. This looks like something you would see on the wall at a T-station.

Five Things I Learned About the new Colorize Tool

  • Available in Letters and Art Text 4. Art Text 4 is better because there are a lot more configurations. Letters just has some basic setup.
  • There's not much documentation on how to use the Colorize fill to make your own design from scratch. I found that it's best to use the templates that are provided as a base.
  • After you replace the image, you can resize the Colorized image. This is useful if you have a landscape photo or wanted a smaller version of the portrait.
  • Once I was done with the image, I selected the image and copied the image to the clipboard and pasted it in Photoscape X to resize it and compress for the Internet.
  • Art Text tool is a tool to make text look awesome. This isn't a image editor, so the spray tools may look limited - but that's what I would expect from a Text Tool. I checked other applications, Affinity Photo, Photoscape X, Graphic Converter, and Inkscape and couldn't duplicated the functionality that Art tool provided.

Sample Image

Nixon_ Art Tool



GuestThis is an awesome post. I had no idea that Art Text 4 could do this.

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