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Ashland MBTA Station Temporary Closing

Fixing up the station so that it looks nice!

Ashland Station, on the Framingham/Worcester commuter rail line, will be closed for repairs from Aug. 26 through fall 2023, according to the MBTA.

As part of the $2.5 million project, the pedestrian overpass will be completely restored, the platform will be resurfaced and painted, repairs will be made to the accessible platform, and digital signage will be installed.

Four Things to Know

  • The train will still go through the Ashland Station but will not make any stops.
  • The MBTA will provide a shuttle service to the Framingham MBTA station. However, the parking lot at the Ashland station will be closed during the temporary station closure. The MBTA is encouraging passengers to go to Southborough or Framingham. (I am unsure of why people would be taking the shuttle service)
  • MWRTA will also provide a shuttle from the Ashland MBTA to Framingham MBTA during this period.
  • In 2017, the MBTA replaced the stairs at the Framingham station but didn't close the station. Passengers had to use Concord Street to cross over the tracks. The stairs were closed from August 7 and reopened on October 13. (Note: The Ashland upgrade is more than fixing the stairs.



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