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1998 Commercials

Featuring AT&T and IBM

The year 1998 was a time when television commercials were a major part of the advertising landscape, and AT&T was at the forefront of creating memorable ads. Here are three classic commercials from 1998 that left a lasting impression on viewers:

AT&T One Rate Plan - This commercial features actor and comedian Paul Reiser, who introduces AT&T's new One Rate Plan. The ad humorously depicts Reiser calling various family members to tell them about the new plan, only to be met with disinterest or confusion. The One Rate Plan was a game-changer in the telecommunications industry, allowing customers to make long-distance calls without worrying about varying rates based on location.

ThinkPad Employee Leaves - This commercial, created by IBM for their ThinkPad line of laptops, shows an employee leaving the company and causing a stir in the office as people wonder who will be getting his coveted ThinkPad laptop. The ad highlights the importance of quality technology in the workplace and the power that it holds over employees.

Pitney Bowes Mail Marketer - Actor John Ratzenberger, best known for his role as Cliff Clavin on the TV show Cheers, introduces the mail marketer from Pitney Bowes. The ad showcases the company's innovative mailing technology and how it can help businesses improve their marketing efforts.

Overall, these classic commercials from 1998 demonstrate the importance of effective advertising and how it can leave a lasting impression on viewers.

1998 Commercials

0:00 Introduction
0:12 A&E Promotion - Featuring some people on the streets saying famous movie lines
0:50 AT&T with the daughter asking, "When Can I be a Client" and the whole family goes to the beach
1:50 AT&T Paul Reiser introducing AT&T One Rate Plan
2:25 IBM - ThinkPad - Employee Leaves and people are wondering who getting their laptop
2:55 IBM - ThinkPad - Writing a Letter to Todd and needing to unsend
3:25 IBM - IBM Netfinity Web servers - How a small business can launch everywhere
3:49 Pitney Bowes - John Ratzenberger introduces the mail marketer



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