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Create QR Codes for your local Wifi

Are you looking for an easy and secure way to share your WiFi credentials with guests? Look no further than QiFi! This amazing tool allows you to quickly and easily create a cool QR code without ever having to type in your sensitive information into a form that submits it to a remote web server.

QiFi makes sharing your WiFi password simple, fast, and secure. Just enter the details of your network into their website or app, select some custom options if desired (such as color or logo), then click generate! That's all there is to it ' within seconds you have created an aesthetically pleasing QR code that can be scanned by anyone who needs access.

So next time someone comes over asking for the Wi-Fi password just direct them towards QiFI ' they will thank you later!

Website Description

Ever wanted to create a cool QR code for your guests? But you never wanted to type in your WiFi credentials into a form that submits them to a remote webserver to render the QR code? QiFi for the rescue! It will render the code in your browser, on your machine, so the WiFi stays as secure as it was before (read the code if you do not trust text on the internet:)!

If you use the Save-button to store a code, this is still secure, as the data is stored in HTML5 localStorage and is never transmitted to the server (in contrast to cookie-based solutions).

Don't trust your browser either? Just pipe the string WIFI:S:;T:;P:;; through the QR code generator of your choice after reading the documentation.


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