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The Holy Donut

Great Gluten Free Donuts in Maine

The Holy Donut is a popular bakery in Portland, Maine that offers a variety of gluten-free donuts. Some of their gluten-free flavors include chocolate, blueberry, and maple. They also offer vegan and grain-free options. It's always a good idea to call ahead and verify that they have gluten-free donuts available before visiting, as their offerings may vary depending on the day and time.

The Holy Donut Gluten Free
These were the options when we visit the Holy Donut back in March of 2022. We arrived pretty early in the morning so we had a great selection to choose from. We got a dozen donuts so we would have them for our weekend trip in Maine.

Gluten Free Donut Variety

This is generally the gluten-free donut choices that you have:

  • Gluten Free Chai
  • Gluten Free Vanilla Glazed
  • Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut
  • Gluten Free Old Fashioned
  • Gluten Free Triple C
  • Gluten Free Cinnamon Sugar
  • Gluten Free Fresh Lemon

There are three locations:

  • Portland, Maine - Commercial St.
  • Portland, Maine - Park Ave
  • Scarborough, Maine

Our Thoughts

We loved the donuts. They went really quick! My daughter loved the variety and taste. She is excited to go back to Maine and get some donuts.

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