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October 1, 1983 Commercials

Classic Commercials from the early 1980s

This week I found a VHS tape from October 1983. This has some great classic commercials that you'll enjoy. I only went through 30-minutes of the tape and I am sure there will be more commercials for next week.

Check out that Delta clip - did they really serve champaign to a pregnant lady?

Directory Time Stamp

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:20 Megabucks - Who called this meeting?
  • 0:50 Texaco - Super Starpower for more car power - Featuring Bob Hope
  • 1:21 NEC - NEC and Me - Check out those computers!
  • 1:51 Delta - Delta is ready when you are.
  • 2:22 Scotch - The World Watches Scotch Videocassettes
  • 3:23 Renault Encore - Only $5755
  • 3:53 Burger King - featuring Emmanuel Lewis
  • 4:23 Cain's Crew - Radio 85WHDH
  • 4:53 Shawmut Banks - Can't Use their ATMs in Worcester or Cape Cod



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