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Apple Watch Series 7

New Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3 vs Apple Watch Series 7

This past Christmas I got a new Apple Watch Series 7. This is to replace my Apple Watch Series 3. I used the watch all the time for fitness and for notifications.

Welcome Surprise

I was excited to get a new watch because the Series 3 was getting difficult to update. In order to do any vatchOS update, I would need to delete everything on my watch. This became an issue when the Apple Watch wasn't syncing data to my phone. The Series 3 only comes with 8GB capacity - which isn't enough for storage and to perform an update. (Why is Apple still selling this watch with an 8GB capacity?)

How to Sync Watch to iPhone

The way that I got my sync to work is pretty simple:

  1. Tuen off the Apple Watch - Hold down the button below the wheel and select power off.
  2. After a minute turn on the Apple Watch, using the same button. Make sure the Watch is near the iPhone on booting.
  3. Open up the Watch app on the iPhone.

The sync should start happening. If you have a lot of data, such as Memo, it may take a while for the content to copy to your iPhone.

Apple Watch Screen Resolution

Apple Watch Series7

The Apple Watch Series 7 face looks smaller than the series 3. However, Apple packed more pixels in a smaller space. So your essentially getting a better quality image in a smaller space.

Apple Watch Series 3 - 312 X 390

Apple Watch Series 7 - 352 X 430



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In September 2018, I got my first Apple Watch (Apple Watch Series 3). I have been thinking about getting an Apple Watch for years, but never really thought it would be something that I would use.

On Tuesdays in May, I'll post some cool features/functionality using the Apple Watch. These are things that I have learned along the way to make me want to wear it every day.


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