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Good Bye Evernote Plus

Didn't Renew my EverNote Subscription - find out why!

Last week I was up for renewal for my EverNote Plus subscription. I decided not to renew and become a basic EverNote subscriber.

Five Reasons Why I Didn't renew

Wasn't Using it Much. Over the past year I wasn't contributing any new content to my notebook. I basically use EverNote to look up information.

Seems too expensive. When I used EverNote it was great but since I rarely use it, I have felt that the $30 a year subscription wasn't worth the cost.

Seems Bloated. The application took up too much memory and disk space. I just felt it was too much of a hassle to open the application to find anything - let alone be the sole application to store day to day notes.

COVID-19. My main use of EverNote was reading on the train. As I am not traveling much on the train, I don't have the need for the application.

Billing Issue. Last year EverNote was quick to bill me for my subscription. No warning that my membership was coming up. No email to let me know that a payment was processed and thank you note. It seemed very cold and made me feel unappreciated.

Substitute Applications

There are four applications that I am now using for Notes.

Google Keep - I have a work account and a personal account. So I have quick notes that are targeted for work or home.

Day One - great way to organize daily thoughts. The calendar views make it easy to see what I thought about last week. Very useful when reflecting one on one meetings.

Notion - my reference go to app. This is where I store information that I may need to use later - such as database queries or how I access some reports.

Apple Notes - my quick note app. If I need to remember a phone number or what wine to get at the store - then it goes in to Apple Notes. I can always transfer the info to another notebook source. This helps reduce the clutter and the app loads fast.



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