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Phone Number Format in Apple Numbers

Easily format a number field to a phone number format.

Apple doesn't have any formula to format a numeric field to a phone format. It's actually pretty easy to set up using a custom format.

Steps to Create a Phone Number format

  1. Select the numbers in the column that you want to format
  2. Select the Cell under the format section on the right of the table
  3. Under Data Format select Custom Format
  4. Click the "Edit Custom Format" button.
  5. Now change the format to this:

Apple Number Phone Format

Some Notes

  1. I put in a rule so that only the numbers that match "8004249090" will get formatted. Everything else stays the same.
  2. The ### are special data fields in Numbers. You can't just type in the ###. You have to drag and drop the txt format to the field area.
  3. I had to type in the brackets and the dash
  4. If you click on the blue box you can remove the separator and reduce the number of numbers being displayed.
  5. Keep an eye on the number in the preview section, as it will help you build out the correct format to use.



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