December 22, 2019

Your Google Search is Your Blog Topic ideas

How to Come up With Blog Ideas

For Bloggers, it can be tricky to come up with quality content. What should you write about today? What information would appeal to the largest possible audience.

There are plenty of websites that can give you ideas on what to post. 189 Blog Topic Ideas is one of many.

Google Can Help

One source of content is to look at your personal Google Searches. Look for various queries around a topic.

I have found that it takes a couple of Google searches to really find the solution to my question. Well, what if you wrote a blog post around the main topic with references to your other queries. This way your Blog post would show up when other people are searching for similar topics.

Getting Your Google Search Queries

Your Google Search History is kept in your personal "Google My Activity" section of your account.

  • Go to Google My Activity
  • Search for a topic that you search for in the past, for example, Golf Shot
  • Then scroll down to see the various search terms that you used.
  • You can filter by Product: Search. To only find the items that you were searching for.

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