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John Endicott Resident Plaque

Massachusetts does not have a Governor Mansion

There are three states in the United States that don't offer residence to the sitting Governor: Arizona, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Once Set the President

When Massachusetts Bay Colony was originally founded, the forefathers thought having a Governor residence was a necessity. It was so important, that they made it the second item mentioned in the Massachusetts Bay Colony Record in 1655 (336 Years ago).

The founders did this because the locals complained that the current Governor, John Endicott, wasn't spending enough time in Boston.

Massachusetts Bay Colony Record

Here is the entry from the Record of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Vol III (May 23, 1655). (This is unedited in the original Old English spelling)

It is ordered by this Court, that who sour shale chosen Gounor from yeare to yeare shall, wth the first oppertunity, make his abode in Boston, or some adjacent town or place within fowre or fire miles of Boston, & shall there contynue his abode dureing the tyme of his government, that so he may be the more serviceable to the country in general, both in respect of straungers & otherwise ; & it is further order, that wither now or next sessions suteable acomodation may be pvided, which may encorage the same for the future, & for present doe desire the Governor to reside at Boston, or neere thereunto, as much as his own necessary occasions will pmitt.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Once Massachusetts Bay Colony adopted the rules, John Endicott moved to Boston where he spent the last year of his life serving the people of Massachusetts Bay Colony. He died a year after moving to Boston.

John Endicott contributed a lot to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He had a very impressive resume:

  • Governor, 1629-30, 1644-45, 1649-50, 1651-54, 1655-65
  • Court of Assistants, 1630-34
  • Conducted expedition against l'equot Indians, 1630
  • Deputy Governor, 1641--14, 1650-51, 1654-55
  • Major-general colonial troops, 1645

Residence Requirement Update: Not Important

When Massachusetts became a State, the need for a residence for the Governor was no longer an issue and was left out of the Constitution of Massachusetts.

Today, those that argue for a Governor's Mansion, have brought up the above rule of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. They argue that it makes sense to have a nice secure location near the Governor office. "It makes just as much sense today than it did 336 years ago."

Plaque Commemorating House Location

In Pemberton Square, just behind the Center 3 Plaza, near Government Center is a plaque to remember where John Endicott house once stood.

John Endicott Plaque

The plaque was done by John Francis Paramino. It was placed in 1930 by the City of Boston.

John Francis Paramino other Artwork include:

  • Declaration of Independence Tablet (1925) - Boston Commons at Tremont Street.
  • Founders Memorial (1930) - Boston Commons at Beacon St and Spruce Street
  • Commodore John Barry (1949) - Boston Commons at the corner of Tremont St and Temple Street.



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