March 12, 2014

UPS CMS Processing Fee


If you recently have sent any package via the UPS store, look at your receipt carefully. On it you'll see a line item for .20 cent for "CMS Processing Fee."

A quick search around the Internet shows that the fee is for using the iShip product.

The services give corporations, like UPS, Shipping Insight to make the smartest shipping decisions. Employees in any location can price, ship, track and manage important shipments over the Internet through easy-to-access iShip hosted applications. Managers and Administrators also have complete control and visibility into shipping throughout the enterprise and are able to define shipping procedures, approve carriers and rates, and set shipping rules.

Basically the UPS Store is charging you to find the cheapest way to send and track your package. There is a PDF document from that briefly talks about the fee impact.


Cindy I want to know how to avoid having this fee applied. Using an UPS store is my only option for shipping via ups. - January 25, 2022.
Wendy I recently sent some documents via my UPS Store in Garden Grove and the CMS Processing Fee was $8.22 So where does the .20 cents come into play? The actual weight was .10lbs I honestly feel this is a rip-off - September 27, 2020.
Guest it sucks - June 23, 2020.
jose lomeli We might think 20 cents is not much then you mutiply that by millions of packages shipped daily... - October 6, 2018.

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