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Ted Kennedy Passing

Today is the first day since November 7, 1962 that Massachusetts will be without Edward M. Kennedy as a United States senator. He would have served sooner except that he didn't meet the age qualification set by the US Constitution. 

Obviously there's a lot of coverage in the Boston media about Ted Kennedy passing and what his legacy means. He was a valuable Senator and has done a lot of good for the state of Massachusetts.


iGoogle Tip

If your using iGoogle, here's a cool tip. You can create a channel that does searches the news wire for anything you want. For example, you can see if your company is in the news, or if there's anything going on in your hometown. Here's what you do:

  1. Go to iGoogle and sign in.
  2. Select a Tab where you want to add your content.
  3. Click "Add Stuff" (you'll see it on the top right of the page.)
  4. Search for "Google News - Customized"
  5. Click "Add it Now" on the first result.
  6. Now click on "Go back to the iGoogle page" on the top left
  7. Enter in a search result in the search box in the new gadget
  8. done!
Try it, its really cool and its a fast way to use your frequent search items.



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