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Metropolitan Bar & Grill

Review of the Metropolitan Bar & Grill at the Natick Collections

Yesterday I had lunch at the Metropolitan Bar & Grill at the new Natick Collections in Natick, Massachusetts.

The Natick Collections opened up a new wing early this month, which featured elegant stores such as Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Apple, Brighton and many other find stores.

The Metropolitan Bar & Grill is located near the entrance between Sears and Nordstrom. It is right across from P.F. Chang China Bistro, which isn't open yet. Metropolitan Bar & Grill features a bar with several flat screen TVs and a nice lounge area. The TV screen were all tuned to ESPN, which were talking the Sunday football games.

I ordered the corned beef sandwich($11) and a Diet Coke. The Corned Beef was on a white sour dough toast bread and there was a lot of cold slaw with only a couple of slices of corned beef. It came with cup of french fries and a small cup of pickles. It was a pretty good meal. However, I have had better Corned Beef sandwiches that offered a lot more meat, at least the Metropolitan Bar & Grill corned beef wasn't dry.

My co-worker had the Bacon-Egg-Burger from the special Burger Menu, and he ordered a side of french fries. The side of fries was a waste. For $3 you get a small cup of french fries, much smaller than what you would get with small order of small fries at McDonalds. The burger looked really good, and my co-worker said he enjoyed it. The burger cost $9.

We were surprise when the waiter brought over the salt and pepper. The salt was in a little square container that you scoop out the what you need. Also the ketchup and mustard were in open container square dishes. Cool modern design.

Overall it was a good experience, the service was very prompt and we were in and out in less than 40 minutes which isn't bad for a lunch crowd at the mall. The restaurant wasn't that crowded and people were able to get a seat almost immediately.

This is a fancy restaurant for a mall location and they seem to cater towards the power lunch crowded. I would recommend stopping by and trying the hamburgers. If your looking for some really good Corned Beef Sandwich, try Michael's Deli in Brookline.



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