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Cape Cod Weekend


This past weekend I traveled to the Cape for the the Fourth of July Weekend. Here are my notes about the traffic:

Friday Night: I got on the Mass Pike around 5:30 via Newton Corner on ramp. There was no traffic anyplace on the Pike or on 93 south. I suspected this because most people took Friday off and headed down to the Cape earlier on the day. There was a little congestion on 3, at the lane merge and a few other places. This seemed to be a typical traffic situation and not a result of holiday traffic.
Once I got to the bridge, there was a very minor backup at the rotary, about 2 cars in front of me were waiting to get on the rotary. Route 6 was a breeze all the way, even the lane drop after exit 9 wasn't backed up.
I arrived at the house shortly before 7:30.

Monday Night:I left the Cape around 4pm, the mid-cape seem to do fine as getting on from exit 12 was no problem. I ran into heavy traffic right after exit 4 on ramp. This continued all the way to the bridge. Route 3 was fairly light with moderately light traffic.



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