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Classic 1990s Commercials

I was recently going through my collection of old TV commercials and came across two that I thought were worth sharing. The first is a commercial for the San Francisco Chronicle's Matier & Ross columnists, and the second is a commercial for Martha Stewart's new garden furniture collection at Kmart.

Matier & Ross

The Matier & Ross commercial is from the early 1990s and features the two columnists, San Francisco Chronicle Matier & Ross Columnists, dressed up as old women. They are investigating the city and looking for scoops. They talk about the latest rumors and gossip by dressing up as two old ladies.

The commercial is funny and lighthearted, but it also does a good job of showcasing the Matier & Ross brand. The two columnists are known for their sharp wit and their ability to get the inside scoop on the San Francisco political scene. The commercial also highlights the fact that the Chronicle is a trusted source for local news and information.

Martha Stewart

The Martha Stewart commercial is from the late 1990s and features Martha Stewart talking about the new garden furniture collection at Kmart. She is dressed in a stylish gardening outfit and is surrounded by her beautiful garden furniture.

The commercial is well-produced and visually appealing. It also does a good job of showcasing Stewart's brand. Stewart is known for her good taste and her attention to detail.


Overall, I thought these two TV commercials were well-made and entertaining. They also did a good job of showcasing the brands they were advertising. The Matier & Ross commercial was funny and lighthearted, while the Martha Stewart commercial was elegant and sophisticated.


It is interesting to note that both of these commercials were made in the 1990s, a time when TV commercials were often more creative and memorable than they are today. It is also interesting to note that both of these commercials feature well-known and respected personalities. The Matier & Ross commercial features two of the most popular columnists in San Francisco, while the Martha Stewart commercial features one of the most popular lifestyle experts in the world.

I think these two commercials are a reminder of the golden age of TV advertising. They are well-made, entertaining, and effective. They also showcase the importance of using well-known and respected personalities to promote your brand.



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