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Some Memorable Commercials in my Collection

The 2000s were a decade of significant technological advancements and changes in the way people consumed media. As a result, companies needed to adapt to these changes by creating memorable commercials to capture the attention of consumers. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most iconic commercials from the 2000s, including those from Circuit City, Best Buy, ZDNet, Mercata and more.

Circuit City

Circuit City was a popular electronics retailer that went bankrupt in 2009. However, during the 2000s, they were known for their catchy commercials that often featured animated characters. One of the most memorable Circuit City commercials from the 2000s was their "We know how you feel" campaign. This campaign aimed to highlight the fact that Circuit City was a fun place to go. Customers would even get up really early in the morning just to get the latest circular.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another popular electronics retailer that is still in business today. During the 2000s, they created some of the most iconic commercials of the decade. One of their most memorable campaigns was the "turn on the fun" campaign, which featured a group of movie fans recreating their favorite movies.


ZDNet was a technology news and reviews website that was popular during the 2000s. They created a series of humorous commercials that poked fun at the world of technology. One of their most memorable commercials featured a man who got a new camera and needed help downloading photos. However, his wife wasn't too happy with how he was using the new camera.

Radio Shack

MSN ran a promotion where you could get an instant $200 rebate on anything you buy at Radio Shack. Only catch is that you had to sign up for MSN Internet access at $21.95 a month for 2 years. That means you would be spending $1,053.6 for the $200 savings.


Mercata was an online shopping website that allowed customers to band together and purchase products in bulk, resulting in lower prices for everyone involved. Although Mercata was short-lived (it went bankrupt in 2001), it created some memorable commercials during its brief existence."


In conclusion, the 2000s were a decade of memorable commercials that captured the attention of consumers and helped shape the way people consumed media. From the superhero "trained professional" of Circuit City to the robot arm of ZDNet, these commercials continue to be remembered and celebrated today.

The Videos

0:00 Introduction
0:11 Apple - iDVD "Tom and Julie Honeymoon" a continuation of the the "Think Different" campaign
1:12 Circuit City - "Daily Gazette" waiting for the latest Circuit City flyer
1:43 Circuit City - "New TV, New Home." Installing a new TV with the help of Circuit City
2:13 Circuit City - "New Computer" - Intel Celeron 466MHz Computer for only $299.99 - after mail-in rebates
2:43 Best Buy - "Movie Geeks." Get your latest DVDs at Best Buy
3:13 Good Guys - "No Interest Financing" on anything over $399
3:43 Radio Shack - "$200 MSN Rebate" - Is it really that good of a deal Howie?
4:14 ZDNet - "Digital Cameras" - How to use a new camera.
4:44 ZDNet - "Software Fixes" - Even the Mars landing team could use ZDNet help.
5:15 - "Caveman" - People searching for homes since the beginning of time.
6:15 Next Card - "Junk Mail" - The first true internet card.
6:45 Mercata - "Prices Going Down" - Prices fall as more people buy items



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