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Canon XA40

New Blog Topic This Month!

A few weeks ago, I purchased a new Canon AE-40 video camera. This is the first camcorder that I purchased since I got the Sony TRV-720 - more than 20 years ago.

Oddly enough I used the TRV-720 this past weekend as part of a tool to help actors backstage know what is going on stage.

Do you Still need a Dedicated Video Camera?

Yes, there's a lot than the Canon can do that even the latest iPhones can't do:

  • Create decent zoom 4K videos.
  • Connected multiple audio devices as separate audio channels.
  • Virtual unlimited storage - just add more SD cards.
  • and more.

New Blog Category!

I decided that for the month of April, I'll add a new category to the blog lineup. I'll show all the cool functions of the Canon AE-40,

New Blog posts will be available on Wednesdays -replacing the Apple Motion topics



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