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Don Lapre was a controversial figure in the world of infomercials. He was best known for his "Making Money Secrets" infomercials, which promised to teach viewers how to make money using the internet.

The infomercials began airing in the late 1990s and ran for over a decade. They were often criticized for making misleading and unrealistic claims about the potential earnings viewers could achieve by using Lapre's methods.

In 2011, Lapre was charged with 47 counts of fraud and conspiracy, and was found guilty on multiple counts in 2012. He was sentenced to nearly 25 years in prison.

Despite the controversy surrounding him, Lapre's infomercials continue to air on late-night television, and his name is still associated with the world of internet marketing and "get-rich-quick" schemes.

It's important to note that infomercials are known to make exaggerated claims and people should be careful and do their own research before investing in any products or services that are advertised through infomercials.

2002 infomercial

Here is an infomercial that I found on my Tivo



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