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Tree Stump Removal

Tips on removing a Tree Stump

The past couple of weekends I have been busy removing various tree stumps from our yard. These were trees that were growing that should have been removed years ago.

I removed about seven stumps. Some were challenging many were able to get out without any tools.

Tree Stump

Four Tools

  • Flat Shovel - helps dig around the stump and cut some of the roots.
  • Hack Saw - Makes a difference in some large pieces.
  • Regular Shovel - for digging around the stump.
  • Gloves - Good gloves help you get a good grip on the tools.

Four Things I Learned

  • Key thing is to cut off the big roots around the stump. Realistically many roots go well deep in the ground. Over time they will disintegrate and help enrich the soil.
  • The flat shovel helps cut off the little roots. The saw really helped get the bigger roots. I had to get on my knees and dig around the roots so that I could use the saw.
  • A sharper saw makes the project go better. So if you hadn't sharpened the saw in a while, my advice is to do it before you get started. It will make a difference.
  • After the stump is gone, put some twigs and things in the soil to help build nutrients. Then bury the twigs with some of the soil you removed.



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