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LiveQuartz Photo Edit

Simple photo editing tool with a lot of filters to play around with

The application LiveQuartx Photo Edit ($7.99) is a "simple and powerful editor for the Mac." It is designed for people that need a simple image application that don't want to learn how to use a graphic application.

Live Quartz Light

Features of LiveQuartz Lite

Some of the tools that are available in LiveQuartz

  • Layer Moving Tool - Move objects around.
  • Brush - Paint/Color tool
  • Duplication Tool - Like a stamp tool in Photoshop. Select a reference point, then click where you want to duplicate it.
  • Drawing Tools - Draw line, stroke rectangle, fill rectangle, stroke oval and a fill oval.
  • Gradient Tools - linear and radial gradient
  • Rich Text Tool - Add text to an image
  • Eraser Tool - Erases part of the image using the brush size.
  • Background Eraser - Removes the background color of an image.

LiveQuartz has a lot of very cool filters, you could spend hours playing around with all the different ways to alter an image. This list is a small set of the 124 filters that are available

Some Filters that are available in LiveQuartz:

  • Geometry Adjustment - Flip Horizontally, Vertically, Perpective Correction
  • Distortion Effect - Bump, Hole, Glass Pinch, Twirl, Vortex Distortions
  • Blur - Bokeh, Box, Median, Motion Morphology, Disc Blur
  • Sharpen - Sharpen and Unsharpen
  • Color Adjustment - Color Controls, Hue Adjust, Vibrance, White Point Adjust
  • Color Effect - Color Curves, Color Map, Thermal, X-Ray, Photo Effect Fade
  • Stylize - Edges, Gloom, Mix, Shadow, Crystallize, Bloom
  • Halftone Effect - Circular Screen, CMYK Halftone, Line Screen
  • Title Effect - Affine Title, Op Title, Triangle Title, Kaleidoscope, Paralletogram Title

Background Eraser

The Background eraser is pretty neat. Simply select the tool, then click on what you want to be removed, you can "drag" the mouse to increase the number of colors that get removed.

It's a quick way to remove the background of an image - such as a sky or solid color backgrounds.

Limitation of LiveQuartz Lite

The lite version of LiveQuartz allows you to export one image per day (export, share, cut, copy, drag and drop, print) If you love the application and plan to use it frequently, you should consider purchasing an Unlimited license for $7.99.

If you think you'll just use the application for a week, you can subscribe just for 7-days for $.99

Personal Recomendation

LiveQuartz is pretty cool tool, but I think using PhotoScape X is better application. It cost more - $39.99 for the pro version - but you have more capabilities such as applying filters in batch mode, creating collages, stickers, frames, light effect and so much more.

PhotoScape X does have a bit of a learning curve. I think it worth spending a few hours to learn how to use the application to get more out of a graphics program.

If you're just going to do some basic photo editing every once in a while, then LiveQuartz is a good tool to have.



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