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Affinity Designer is a great tool to create graphics. It easy too use and has a lot of capabilities.

Affinity Designer Assets is a group of graphics that you can reuse anytime you want. Think of it as a personal library file for any function or style when you need it.

There are some sites that offer templates and Assets. One good place is the Affinity Resources in the Affinity forums. You can get a lot of great brushes and templates.

Business Planner Asset

Recently, I was looking for a Quarterly Calendar, and couldn't find one. So I thought I create a Affinity Designer Asset that contains months for Q3 and Q4 in 2019. It's handy to have if you're doing any planning.

Here's the output of all the months:

2019 Calendar
Download the 2019 Calendar Planner.

The nice thing is that you can resize these to fit any design you want. In addition, you can color the days or weeks to highlight certain events. In short, its a very handy template to use.



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