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Rachel Revere Park

General information about the Rachel Revere Park

Rachel Revere Park is a community play area and meeting place. It's located just across the street from the "Paul Revere House" in Boston's North End.

This 3,484.8 SqFt park is owned and maintained by the City of Boston Parks and Recreation.

Rachel Revere Park

Five Things I Learned about Rachel Revere and the Park

1 Rachel Walker was Paul Revere's second wife. They married on October 10th, 1773.

2 They had eight children:

  1. Joshua Revere (December 7, 1774 - August 14, 1801)
  2. John Revere (June 13, 1776 - June 27, 1776)
  3. Joseph Warren Revere (April 30, 1777 - October 12, 1868)
  4. Lucy Revere (May 15, 1780 - July 9, 1780)
  5. Harriet Revere (July 20, 1782 - June 38, 1780)
  6. John Revere (December 25, 1783 - March 13, 1786)
  7. Maria Revere (July 17, 1785 - August 22, 1847)
  8. John Revere (March 27, 1787 - April 29, 1847)

All the children were born before the United States became a country. The United States Constitution officially took effect on March 4, 1789.

3 Rachel Revere died on June 26, 1813, at Sixty-Eight. There is a painting of her at the Museum of Fine Arts that was done just weeks before she died.

4 When Rachel was alive the park was a colonial marketplace.

5 The City of Boston Park and Recreation acquired the park in 1945. The park naming ceremony was at 4 pm on April 19, 1945.

Wall Plaque

At the back brick wall of the park is a plaque that was placed a year after the park was dedicated.

Rachel Revere Plaque

Text of the plaque on the wall:


Here in North Square
Lived Paul Revere and his wife
Rachel Revere for whom this overlook is named

Here lived Major Pitcaim
of the soldiery
Occupying Boston in 1775
Governor Thomas Hutchinson
Sir Harry Frankland
William Clark
The alarm that British troops
Were marching to Concord
To seize patriot stores

Was given by Paul Revere
Many men of North Square
And its neighborhood
Joined the Boston Tea Party
At Griffin's Wharf
And threw the tea overboard
This public open space built
And this tablet erected
By the Boston Park Coinmission
Erected August 1946
Hon. James M. Curley Mayor of Boston
VJilliam P. Long Chairman the Park Commission
Theodore G. Haffenreffer
Frank R. Kelley Park Commissioner



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