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Back on August 7th, 2000 I sent an email to the engineering team at the company I was working at with the subject "What is Productivity?"

This is a good site that examines what makes a person productive. This site was made for insurance salesmen, but the information can be applied to most situations.

The reason for my email was our team was trying to figure out ways to be more productive and bring in more revenue.

MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) is the premier association of financial professionals. I manage to capture the text and graphic on the page before the section of the site disappeared sometime in 2007:

What is Productivity

The Productivity Task Force was established in 1994 to define, study, recommend and implement ways to which MDRT members can enhance their productivity through MDRT programs and services. Specifically, Strategic Direction 1.1 of the MDRT strategic plan states:

Define productivity in appropriate and operational terms and position productivity as the key focus for all MDRT activities and programs.

The Task Force determined that productivity can be best be defined as a simple formula based - in or of importance - on three elements:

Goals, Activities and Skills = Productivity

mdrtcfp Goals

The most critical step you can take to increase PRODUCTIVITY is first to make a commitment to do so.

Follow that commitment by conducting an analysis of your practice relative to the PRODUCTIVITY formula. Identify your strengths and also areas in which you can improve. Determine the changes you will institute in your business and set deadlines for implementation. Every producer can improve their PRODUCTIVITY.

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I am always looking for ways to get more out of any application or process that I use on a regular basis. The goal of the content is to get you to be more productive as possible.


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