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July 9, 2015

Acton Fireworks

This past weekend we saw the July 4th fireworks in Acton, Massachusetts. They shoot them off at NARA Park around 9:30pm.

We parked the car at an off-site parking lot at Nagog Woods. There were plenty of parking when we arrived at 7pm. It was a quick walk to the first pickup spot. We weren't that familiar with the area and thought that the bus was the best way to NARA Park. In the future, we would research if walking would be a better option.


This was a very nice family friendly park. There is a nice fresh water beach where you can go swimming. There is an enclosed playground with all sorts of slides and climbing equipment where kids can play. This is great to keep kids busy while waiting for the fireworks to go off.

I didn't know anything about the park. NARA Park, the Nathaniel Allen Recreation Area, is located at 25 Ledge Rock Way in Acton and operated by the Town of Acton Recreation Department. The park is open year-round from sunrise to sunset and staffed seasonally from Memorial Day weekend through late August.

Picking the Perfect Spot

When we arrived, it wasn't clear where the fireworks were going to be launched from, as some people thought it would be over the pond. The fireworks are actually fired near the baseball field on the opposite side of where you enter NARA Park.

To get an awesome view of the show, you are better off walking the distance towards the hill. However keep in mind the further you walk away from the entrance only means that you'll have to walk all that way back after the show with a large crowd.

We watched the fireworks near the playground and beach area. However, it appeared that the best spot to watch the fireworks was up on the hill just beyond the pond. There were some low level fireworks that would have been better to see up on the hill or on the other side of the hill.

Show Time

The fireworks show was great, it started around 9:30 and finished just before 10. People were marking their spots around 7pm. Just about everyone was sitting down during the whole thing.

The show lasted about 25 minutes and featured all sorts of different types fireworks. You could hear the usual "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs" and the occasional cheering for people's favorite firework.

It Would Have Been Better if...

The only complaint that I have about the show was how hard it was to get back to the official off-site parking lot. The organizers had only seven buses running. As a result, it took several bus trips before everyone could clear out. People were pushing and shoving just to get a spot on the bus. So much for the family friendly aspect.

Things didn't get any better once you arrive at the parking area, it was a traffic mess of everyone trying to get out at the same time. Police were doing their best to keep the traffic moving, but it didn't seem to make much difference.

Had we known about the walking we might have walked

One solution to this would be to have additional buses plus two areas for off-site parking. This would help break up the rush at the end of the show, and keep the crowds moving within the park and on the various main streets around Acton.

It's a fun show and I would recommend going. It certainly would be interesting to see what changes the town does in 2016. We didn't do the all day activity but it looks like that's a way to have a great fireworks day.

May 30, 2012

Wrentham Village Premium Outlets


Some little little factiod on the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets that I found out this weekend:

  • The Wrentham Village Premium Outlets is located 45 minutes from the Bourne Bridge.
  • The exit to get to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets off of 495, is very easy to remember! It's exit 15, the nickel and dime exit. So the next time your traveling down or up 495 and wonder what exit the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets is, think about 'it's the Nickel and Dime exit!'
  • When leaving the outlets to get back onto 495, at the lights by South St, near the Cracker Barrel Restaurant, stay in the left lane if you plan on going South on 495. Say in the center lane if you are going North on 495.
  • Visit the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for some unique snacks for the road trip home.

September 17, 2010

Wayside Inn


Earlier this week we had an early dinner at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury Massachusetts. The Wayside Inn is a historic Inn that opened in 1716 and is a perfect place to go for a great New England meal. Forget the Colonial Inn in Concord, or the Union Oyster House in Boston, this is place to visit if your looking for a great New England meal.

The dress code for the Wayside Inn is casual. We saw plenty of people in jeans, there were some people that were dressed up but most people were dressed casusal. You don't need to dress up to eat at the Wayside Inn.

We were seated in the main dinning room and on our table was plenty of bread and crackers on the table. The bread was fresh and the cheese and crackers was also good. I rarely get an appetizer when I go out, but the Wayside Inn has a great cup of Clam Chowder that I wanted to try. My only disappointment was that it was only a cup of clam chowder. It was really creamy clam chowder good. If you like your clam chowder creamy, and who doesn't, you need to try this!

My main course was Scallops (baked) and mash potatoes. Everything was cooked perfectly and I ate everything on my plate. The scallops were evenly cooked with a nice breadcrumb toping and cooked with real butter.

I would highly recommend going to Wayside Inn, and this is certainly the time of the year to go. They have some special events going on in the next few weeks. There's plenty of things to do around the Inn, and it's the perfect place to have a wedding reception.

April 19, 2010

Bloody Angle


Happy Patriots Day!

If your looking for something interesting to read today; learn about "Bloody Angle" and the impact it had on the American Revolution.

September 24, 2007

Nice time in New England


What a great time to be in New England:

  • Red Sox Clinch a playoff spot this weekend.
  • New England Patriots are 3-0 and looking good
  • Lots of Excitement over the Boston Celtics
  • Fall Foliage are showing up everywhere
  • Metro-Boston's Apple Picking Farms are opening up.
  • The Big E is in full swing
  • The Economy is doing really well in New England.

July 19, 2007

White House Inn of Wilmington

Information about the famous Inn

Planning a trip to New England for the Fall Foliage season?

White House Inn of Wilmington
178 Route 9 W, Wilmington, VT
(802) 464-2135

The spirit of Mrs. Martin Brown is said to haunt the historic White House Inn of Wilmington, Vt. Both staff and guests have reported unexplainable cold spots, doors that open by themselves, and visible apparitions. One guest reported being visited by an elderly lady in the middle of the night, who sat in a chair by the bed and exclaimed, "One Mrs. Brown in this room is quite enough!" The guest's name also happened to be Mrs. Brown.

The Inn itself includes a vast attic with creaks included, a dungeon-like basement with dark areas and coal boilers, a locking iron vault and even a hidden staircase.

Halloween weekend features a "Haunting" with a ghost hunt and seance.

May 29, 2007

Massachusetts Driver


Why is it that a driver on 95/93/128/Mass Pike:

  • Goes on the highway without checking for traffic
  • Drives well above 70 MPH
  • Goes in and out of traffic with no single changes
  • Cuts people off while talking on the phone


Expects people to "let them off" the highway when they are in the middle lane within 20 feet of their exit?

Why is that???

Also when did it become a rule that, if you have a brand new luxury car, you can go fast as you want on the Mass Pike?

October 10, 2006

Our Ladies Help of Christians


In an email that I sent two years ago today...

I attended the 7:30 service at Our Lady Help of Christians this morning and it was a full house. The church looks a little different since the last time I was there. Small portions of the ceiling white wall has been taken down. New this week are several scrolls on the walls of people that were buried at OLHC.

The biggest news of the weekend is where Father Fleming will be going after Our Lady Help of Christians closes. He will be the first pastor of the Holy Family Parish in Concord. Yup, Father Fleming will be staying in Concord. He received a large applause at this morning service when he announced the news, altho some appear to know already.

Next weekend, October 17th will be a special celebration at the church where former priests of OLHC will be invited to the church for the last time. Also next weekend Deacon Chuck Clough will preach at all the masses, his last homily at OLHC.

Additional Information:

March 21, 2006

First Day of Spring!


Today is the first full day of spring!

It wasn't that bad of a winter in New England. There wasn't that much snow to shovel, and the snow that did fall never lasted more than a week.

A sure sign of Spring in New England is the Boston Marathon, which occurs in mid-April.

Other notable spring events in New England:

  • Swan Boats return to the Boston Commons.
  • Red Sox Baseball
  • North End Resturant open outside dinning.
  • Concord, Lexington, Acton - Minuteman March

March 10, 2005

Barber Shop in West Concord


This morning I got up early and went to Concord to get a haircut at my favorite barber shop. I got there at 6:30. I assumed that the barber shop opened at 7, but got their early to do some banking and at least be first in line.

When I went to the original Barber Shop I couldn't see the hours, so I walked down to Barber Shop 2 and ran into my favorite barber, Bob. He recognized me and asked if I wanted a hair cut. We then walked back to the original Barber Shop. (That's where he works)

The Barber shop doesn't open until 7, but he was nice enough to get my hair cut right away. I got a quick hair cut and despite the heavy traffic on Route 2, was able to get into the office just after 7:30 this morning, around my normal time.

Nothing like having a early morning hair cut to start the day. :)

The West Concord Barber Shop hours are from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.



This blog series will explore the many different places to visit in New England. From the bustling city of Boston to the rugged coastline of Cape Cod, there is something for everyone in New England. Whether you are interested in history, nature, or food, you will find something to love in this beautiful region.

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