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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Watched at Worcester DCU Center

On Saturday night, there was an excellent performance by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Worcester's DCI Center. We had a great time enjoying this show's music and visual effects.

D C U Center

Having never seen previous shows online, I did not know what to expect from this show. Having not perused previous shows online, I came to the show with an open mind. I was impressed by the performers' engagement with the audience, and the variety of fire special effects they used.

Trans- Siberian Orchestra2022

Things I Learned

The parking facility across the street is called SP+ Parking. You have to pay $20 to park there. This is a great location. However, it is a real hassle to get out. You have to pay before you get back to your car - which means long lines in the elevator lobby for the parking machine and the elevator as you have to pay before you leave.

After waiting in line for about 10 minutes, someone from the garage came out and told people they didn't have to wait in line to pay for parking. He also said that people could pay on the way out. Which only makes getting out of the garage slower because people are paying at the gate.

On this particular night, there was only one elevator working in the building. This meant that people who were not able to walk the stairs had a long wait even if they could walk down the hall.

We saw the show from section 231 - which for most sporting events would be the center of the arena. For the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, it was just about stage level. We were worried that we wouldn't get to see much of the show since the seats seemed to be almost backstage. But the seats were great! The band used the whole area, which made our seats a great location.

Some people had a hard time walking up and down the stairs. Just a fair warning for anyone getting tickets for the upper balcony sections - the stairs are steep and there's no rail to help you up.

We upgraded to the VIP experience so that we could get into the stadium early and have a snack before the show. It cost $50 for the VIP experience and it didn't seem worth the cost. We did get in early but the appetizers were a bit small and we had to pay for our drinks. I would definitely not recommend doing the VIP experience.



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