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July 10, 2008

SQL Server Replication

If your dealing with SQL Server and need to do some database replication, you should know that its a complex process and there's different types of replication.

In 2005, I put together this PDF document to assist customers with understanding the various types of replications and the advantages of selecting that option. Use this information as an aid when talking to a DBA on specifically the type of replication you need.

I found this information when researching replication:

If you need to synchronize a small number of tables, you might be able to do the job by running in Query Analyzer a simple batch that contains for each table one UPDATE command that replaces, but doesn't change, the table values on the Publisher server and kicks off the data synchronization process. But if you need to synchronize a large number of tables (more than 10), it is more efficient to create a DTS package that runs the forced replication process.
July 8, 2008

Lobster Claw

If your visiting Orleans, Massachusetts you should check out the Lobster Claw for lunch or dinner. This popular restaurant is a favorite for local and seasonal visitors to Cape Cod.

I would highly suggest trying the Bake Stuffed Lobster with a cup of Clam Chowder or Steamed Clams as an appetizer. Truly a Cape Cod meal for everyone to enjoy.

Download the Take out menu from 2003, and make sure to visit the Lobster Claw today!

July 3, 2008


In 1997, I purchased a ScanBirk desk, model number 124 from Scandinavian Design in Cupertino California. At the time, I was looking for a really nice corner desk, and this seemed to be a perfect fit.

Since 1997, I have moved the desk 3 times, and each time I put together the desk without any problems or even having the directions. The desk is pretty simple to put together quickly.

My latest move had one minor complication, one of the pieces went missing during the move. It was the metal piece that holds the center desk with the end pieces. To solve this, I purchased a couple of metal brackets at Lowe's and was able to replace the pieces pretty quickly.

If you purchased a ScanBirk corner desk (Model 124) and looking for the installation instructions, download the PDF file I created. This is an easy desk to put together and still looks good more than 10 years later!

June 27, 2008

Tandy 1000sx

In the 1980s most consumers purchased their computers from Radio Shack. It was pretty much the only store in town that sold computers and computer parts.

Obviously the retail market got crowded as the computer industry took off in the 1990s and 2000s. Today consumers can purchase their computers from various sources including online. Not only is it easy and cheaper to buy computers today, but the technology is much better.

As mentioned in a 1999 promo at MacWorld; today's computers break the laws of physics, they have more features in a smaller box.

Download a page from the Radio Shack 1988 catalog featuring the Tandy 1000sx. Its hard to believe how much computers have changed in just 20 years. Just imagine what the next 20 years will bring.

June 26, 2008

Mad Willie

If you like ice cream, Stop and Shop has lots of good selections, if you really like ice cream then Ben and Jerry's is the place to go. If your really crazy for ice cream you should check out Mad Willie's Ice Cream in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Mad Willie's is located at 963 Worcester Road (Rte. 9 west) in Framingham. Here you can try all sorts of delights such as a Purple Cow Milk Shake, Cotten Candy Italian Ice, Summer Sizzle Smoothies, and the Green Monster Ice Cream.

Download the take out menu and think about what unique ice cream combination you want to try. The owners are sure to please any hungry ice cream appetite, and they may be the ones who serve you.

June 25, 2008

Centre Pizza

If you are in the Framingham, Massachusetts area you should check out Centre Pizza. You can find this Pizza shop across from Framingham State College.

This pizza place has nice friendly staff and they even have the Red Sox game on to watch while you much on their fine food. I really liked their hamburg pizza and their Plain Cheese Pizza.

The next time your in Framingham, instead of waiting in line at the Food Court, go down to Centre Pizza. You'll have a great selection and the prices is cheaper than anything you can find at the Mall.

Download the Takeout menu and enjoy the various selections that they have to offer. Bonus: Not on this menu is the Spaghetti Pizza, haven't tried it yet but that sounds worth the try!

June 23, 2008

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign is a popular Desktop Publishing software. Its the number one desktop publishing application used to create all sorts of documents.

Adobe PageMaker was my favorite application and for years used it to create all sorts of documents. I upgraded to Indesign when it first was offered by Adobe and found it to be a really useful application. I use it to create all my travel books when I go on vacation.

A few years ago I found this helpful Tips and Tricks for Indesign 2.0. I don't know where I got it from, but the information is very useful and is an excellent handy reference guide. Many of the tips still apply for Indesign CS2.

June 20, 2008

Pizza Market

In Newtonville, Massachusetts there's several really good pizza restaurants and they are worth the visit. Our favorite is Flat Bread Pizza from Sweet Tomato.

However, sometime we just want a regular pizza with nothing fancy. We have really enjoyed Pizza Market, they have a great selection and the food is awesome. We highly recommend you check out this little Pizza place in Newtonville.

Download the Take-Out menu from Pizza Market and enjoy the local flavor of Newton Pizza.

June 19, 2008

Michael Dukakis

In 1987, Michael Stanley Dukakis was a Governor of Massachusetts. The state was doing really well, unemployment was down and the economy of Massachusetts was doing better than most states in the union. He decided to bank on his success in Massachusetts and run against George Bush. The focus of his campaign was the "Massachusetts Miracle."

Mike Dukakis didn't handle the national stage to well. He wasn't aggressive in responding to political attacks by George Bush. There was an issue with his views of the military, including pictures of him wearing a helmet in a tank. He lost the election by wide margin, winning only 9 states.

Download a PDF version of a mailer Massachusetts residences received for a campaign donation. The mailer explains all the positive reasons that people should vote for Dukakis.

June 18, 2008

Boston Celtics

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics on winning their 17th World Championship! After 22 years, its nice that a new championship banner hangs in the Garden.

Its amazing what has changed in Boston since they last won a championship:

  • A new Boston Garden was built
  • The Big Dig was just getting started
  • The New England Patriots won three Championships
  • The Red Sox won two Championships
  • Johnny Most died on January 3, 2003
  • Red Auerbach died on October 28, 2006

Today's PDF Feature is a letter I got from the Boston Celtics in 2005, asking if I wanted to buy season tickets. Download the PDF file and check out how they were trying to sell season tickets two years ago.