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October 29, 2008

Trip Planning

Over the past 10 years I have done a lot of traveling, from driving across the country to a nice trip to St. Maarten. One of the things that I found to be valuable is a good trip packing list. Because no matter how organized you think you are you always will forget something. How many times have you forgotten batteries, sun glasses or an umbrella?

In 2003, with the assistance of several websites, I put together a simple packing list of what to bring on a trip. I didn't want something large that would discourage me from using the list, I wanted something simple and very practical. The second page of the list is things to do before going on a trip, which is helpful in a good trip planning.

Download the Trip Planning PDF and be more prepared for you next trip.

October 28, 2008

Sweet Tomato Pizza

There?s something special about finding a great pizza place. You know the feeling, a nice place that when you order a pizza you know exactly what you?re getting.

In Newtonville, Massachusetts there?s a great pizza place call Sweet Tomato. This is located right on Washington Street near Dunkin Donuts and the local Movie Theater. They offer great thin crust pizza and every bite has wonderful taste.

We really enjoy the medium plain cheese pizza. It?s just perfect to enjoy on a Friday night at home while watching a movie.

Download the latest menu and call today to taste really good flat pizza. Start off with a medium plain cheese, its perfect pizza for a couple.

The only downside is that there?s no parking, but I usually park at the CVS parking lot and the lot just behind the Bank of America.

October 27, 2008

Procrastinate Tip Sheet

Everyone procrastinate at some point. Every April 15th you see people scrambling to get to the post office to pay their taxes, I have even seen people start their 1040ez form right in the post office at 10pm at night!

Waiting till the last minute isn?t good time management and may cause you lots of money because you?re too much in a hurry to make any key decisions. It?s not practical to work against the clock.

If you find your Procrastinate a lot, and just can?t get out of the constant cycle of doing things at the last minute, download this helpful Procrastination Tip Sheet and find ten ways to do it now.

If your think you?ll download the Tip Sheet later, you should think again. Take control of your life by getting things done now! Be proactive and get things done now!

October 24, 2008

Macintosh 660av

In 1994, I was looking for a new computer and really wanted to get a Quadra 610 because I like the look and feel of the computer. ComputerTown had a Centris 660av which they told me was the same type of computer.

I really enjoy using the Centris 660av, the multimedia capabilities were years ahead of what was available in the PC world. I enjoyed digitalizing audio and video files, it was very easy to do and it was cool seeing video on the computer screen.

Today the computer sits in the basement of my house. It hasn?t gotten much use over the years, but it is still in good shape. I backed up the entire hard drive to a CD before I decommissioned it. I don?t know what I?ll do with the computer in the future.

Download the Quadra 660av Spec sheet and see what great computers Apple Computer put out in 1993.

October 23, 2008

Macitosh 8600

When I moved to California, in 1996, I was looking to update my Centris 660av to a more powerful computer. At the time the only computer that was similar was the Macintosh 8600. It had the same Audio/Video capabilities, but the cool thing was that it was a Power Macintosh!

The computer met all my expectations, it was easy to use and very easy to add additional cards, memory and disk space. I did add a second hard drive and tried several different video cards to try the latest Audio/Video technology.

When I left California, in August 2002, I decided to donate the computer to the Oakland School district. This wasn?t a hard decision since I didn?t use the computer that much since I had some more powerful computers.

Download the specifications of the Macintosh 8600, and read about the great configurations of this computer.

October 22, 2008

MySQL Date Time

If you?re a computer programmer and use MySQL you probably have encountered the Date and Time fields a lot in your queries.

There?s lots of good uses of using the date time fields, such as displaying the date in different formats or doing on the fly calculations.

I put together a handy guide to all the various variables that the Date and Time field uses. This is very handy to have hanging in your office during development time.

October 21, 2008

Pool Checklist

An above ground pool is great to have; it?s fun to use and great to entertain when company is over. The downside is the sometimes daily maintenance and the cost of running the filter every day.

In many parts of the country pool owners have to close the pool in the winter since it?s too cold to go swimming year round. This is a task that many New Englanders do during Labor Day weekend. Other parts of the country can go for a couple of more weeks to close their pool.

If you need basic instructions on how to properly close your pool to minimize the damage from the winter, download the Pool Closing Checklist to assist you in the process.

Good luck with closing the pool, and get ready for the Spring!

August 7, 2008

CSharp Reference

If your just learning C# or .Net you might find it a little overwhelming. There's a lot to learn about creating Namespaces, Classes, Methods and Properties. Not to mention understanding the ins and outs of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Last night, I found a hand Quick Reference guide that is very useful to have around. This is a good reference guide to explain the various aspect of CSharp and makes it easy to get the information.

Download the CSharp Reference Guide and good luck with your C# and .NET learning.

Once I get better at creating cool CSharp code, I'll put together the reference guide that use.

August 5, 2008

Delicious Hershey Recipes

If your looking for some good chocolate desert to add to your next meal try one of the Original Hershey Chocolate Recipes.

I copied the original Fudgey Brownies and Deep Dark Chocolate Cake from the back of a Hershey Coco can. In the mid 1990's they changed the recipe to be more healthy. However, nothing can compares to the original.

While I strongly suggest eating healthy, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a special treat every once in a while. Download the Orginal Hershey Chocolate Recipe PDF and treat yourself tonight!

July 22, 2008


There are lots of great restaurants in the Framingham/Natick area. Its a great place to see a movie and enjoy a nice dinner afterwords without having to pay for parking in Boston. You can find great restaurants such as Legal Seafoods, Kens Steak House, Fresh City, P.F. Chang's China Bistro, The Cheesecake Factory, The Met Bar & Grill, TGIF Fridays and The British Beer Co. All are located on a stretch of Route 9 from Natick to Framingham.

However, sometimes its best to eat off the beaten path and venture into some local food. On Route 135, near Winter Street is La Cantina Restaurant. This is a great Italian restaurant that is local favorite.

We had dinner here last night for the first time and it was excellent! Everyone enjoyed their meals and had a great time. The restaurant was surprising crowded for a Monday night, but the wait was a short 20 minutes and once seated we were served pretty quickly. I had the shrimp Parmesan and it was great!

Download the take out menu and plan to visit this little hideaway. Don't worry about the parking lot at the restaurant being full, there's plenty of parking across the street.