December 4, 2017

Disney Slack Images

Slack is a popular corporate chat communication tool. Companies like it because employees can communicate with each other in an instant. (As if the old way of phone calls and walking up to people is totally outdated.

One of the cool features of Slack is the use of emoji as reaction icons. So someone can make a simple comment, and people can react to it. (Better than everyone cluttering the chat log with 'I agree.')

Coffee Day

There aren't any default icons in Slack for Disney enthusiasts. Fortunately you can add your own! Slack provides all the information to make that happen.

Here are six Disney icons that are ready to be used in Slack. All of these images are using the required 128x128 image size.

Click on image to download Zip collection.

In the collection are:

  • Mickey Mouse Ears Silhouette
  • Epcot Disney Symbol
  • Donald Duck
  • Hey Mickey
  • Typical Mickey Stance
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Point Right
  • Point Left


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