August 28, 2017

Walk Around The World Bricks

As you walk into the entrance at the Magic Kingdom you may have noticed some names on the pavements. These brick names were part of "Disney's Walk Around the World" a feature where you can forever be part of the Disney experience.

Sample stone names that you would see as you walk into the park.

Walk Around The World Bricks

Ten things Things I learned about the "Walk Around the World" bricks

  1. The stones reach from the bus station to the monorail, originally they were supposed to go completely around the lagoon.
  2. There are some bricks at the Transportation and Ticket center, and at the Polynesian and Contemporary hotels.
  3. The bricks program started in 1994 and stopped in 2000. A few years later a new "Leave a Legacy" was introduced at Epcot.
  4. On the top of each brick it shows the date of purchase.
  5. Some bricks were refurbished in 2007 at the request of sponsors. The bricks were placed back with the new date.
  6. The bricks cost between $85 and $250 depending on the size and location.
  7. There are 8 Walk around the World bricks dedicated in memory of the children who died in the Oklahoma City bombing. They are located near the Bus stop and the Contemporary Entrance.
  8. You can ask at the Info Desk for locations of any bricks. They have a map of the location of all the bricks.
  9. It's possible the bricks will be removed as Disney may redesign the entrance. They committed to at least having them there for ten years.
  10. There were 20,000 bricks sold.


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