November 10, 2015

Olszewski Haunted Mansion miniature

For about 35 years, if you wanted a Haunted Mansion souvenir you went to the small cart next to the popular attraction. In 2014, Disney converted a Liberty Square shop into a souvenir store for the Haunted Mansion. They stocked it with all sorts of new Haunted Mansion goodies.

True Haunted Mansion fans know that to get the good stuff you need to head to Main Street USA and Disney Springs. That's where you'll find unique collectable souvenirs.

This past week I stopped in the Main Street Cinema on Main Street USA - formally the movie theater.( They still have a screen on the back wall showing some classic Disney cartoons.) In the store I saw several Olszewski's miniature displays of popular attractions around Disney World. In the corner on one of the cases, I spotted a very familiar attraction:


Yes, that's a pretty good replica of the Haunted Mansion at Disney World. The back comes off and you can interchange the inside to see the dinning room or the attic. As I recall, this item will set you back at least $499.

When I was looking at it, a cast member took it out of the display because someone just purchased it. I was thinking that it was good that I stopped in the store when I did and got a picture of it.

As impressive of a souvenir as that was, I remember in 2009 seeing a $4,000 miniature version of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. This was being sold at the Art display store just above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I am not sure who purchased that item, but it certainly is the most expensive Haunted Mansion premium souvenirs that I have seen Disney in any of the parks.

You can find a lot more Olszewski's light box displays in Disney Springs. They are certainly worth looking at if you are interested in a reasonably price souvenir. If you like miniature versions of popular attractions, your best best is the Main Street Cinema on Main Street USA in Disney world.


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