May 16, 2016

Drinks around the World (part1)

Drink around the World is a fun Disney challenge because you only have an hour to spend in each country. The key to making this successful is to pick the right drinks.

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Each country at Epcot has a "specialty" drink that you should try as part of this challenge. Don't just go to the America Experience and order a beer. You should try the unique drink. Then decided which country has the best one.

If you can't get to every country, for whatever reason, use this as a guideline as to what drinks are usually available in each country in Epcot. There are specialty drinks available during certain times of the year, always ask the Cast Member for the seasonal special.

I’ll cover four countries this week, and the remainder next week.

The good thing about this challenge is that you don’t need to go too far from the lagoon to get the best drinks, most of the countries have booths setup just outside of the pavilions. There're no real hidden drinks by going into the restaurant or stores.


The Canada pavilion only has a cart that sells Moosehead and Fin du Monde. Neither is a win-win, but try the Fin du Monde since it’s typically harder to find in the southern states. The beer contains a very high (9% ABV) alcohol content. So take it easy!


Stop by the “Joy of Tea” booth on the lagoon side of the China Pavilion. You’ll find all sorts of specialty cocktails here, many of them are super sweet. This might be a good stop at the end of the Drink around the World. Ask the Cast Member for the specialty drink of the day is.


Why would you get wine at the France Pavilion when you can get it just about anyplace on Disney Property? The best drink to get is the Grey Goose Citron or the Grand Marnier Orange slushies. The perfect refresher for a hot day in the park. They are available at the "Champagne and Wine Kiosk“ on the lagoon side.

If your not into visiting every country on the challenge, this drink is worth a double. You’ll get a nice colored glass and an extra shot. You can get this drink alcohol free.


Germany is well known for its beer, and this is certainly the spot to stop at if you're looking to sample some fine beer. This is a popular spot for a lot of people. The waiting line by the cart on the lagoon can be busy. Walk through the Germany exhibit and you’ll find the “Sumerfest Imbiß” in the far back which sells many of the same beer.

At the Weinkeller store, you can sample different German wines and beers, this is a better option than to just try a Warsteiner Dunkel and Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen. If you get a sample, get some bratwurst to taste between drinks.

If your not into the German Beer, try some of the shots and German Wines they have available.


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