November 28, 2015

Keefer Women

Keefer Women

Everyone once in a while, I end up at a page asking me to fill out some weird Survey information. If I fill out the survey I get some "cool gift." Usually these are on,, and

Ya, I know this a phishing type of scam, which is why the about sites are not linked. Clearly they are after my contact information.

What's really funny is on the page is usually testimony from people that "actually" got the cool gifts. One of the images is some "mystery" person with a child. (See the thumbnail image on the right.) I am sure its probably some stock photography but I haven't been able to find it.

Here are some of the quotes that I found from this women that goes by many strange names. She certainly likes the weight loss "cool gifts."


Seems that many of these domains were set up by Duy Nguyen. He is associated with 686 domains and 208 unique emails. Which makes me wonder what other products/services does the "mystery" person likes?


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