August 1, 2013
Harcourt Street Unusal Boston Trees

Harcourt Street

In the Boston's Back Bay there are some unusual streets, once such street is Harcourt Street. What makes this street  different than other street is how the trees are growing on both sides of the street. All the Oak trees are leading towards the center of the street! This creates an unusual effect when looking and walking down the street.

This is has happened because of the the limited amount of sun that shines in the area. Due to the tall building on both sides of the street, the street gets very little day light and over the years all the Oak trees that were planted on the side of the streets have been leading  towards the center to get the most sun. These trees have been growing this way for at least 50 years.

This isn't the only street in Boston where this is happening, there are some trees around Beacon Hill where you'll see this effect. What makes Harcourt Street special is its best place to see the effect on the street. Since this is a quiet dead end street, its safe to walk down the middle of the street and see how the tree branches are interlacing other tree branches. Note: Other people walk down this street as its a short cut to get to the Back Bay train station.

You can find Harcourt Street near Copley Place and the Prudential Shops. It's about two blocks west of the Hunnington Ave overpath. Something different to check out while your waiting for the Boston Duck Tours. Check out the location on Google Map or on Map Quest.


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