April 3, 2008

Rush Limbaugh

Yesterday I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and his attempt to disrupt the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania by having Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton. The Republicans have already selected their Presidential candidate, so their votes wonít matter for the Republican Ticket.

Rush Limbaugh's Pennsylvania Election War plan:
Get Republicans to switch to the Democratic Party for this one primary and vote for Hillary Clinton to prolong the results of the Democratic ticket. After the primary switch back to the Republican Party.

Itís a pretty tricky scheme that Rush attempting and certainly not illegal. Nobody is forcing voters to change their vote, and thereís no reward by voting for a different party. In fact, Rush is only encouraging voters to follow the rules set forth by the Pennsylvania election committee.

I think itís a good idea that Rush is doing this, for two main reasons, it encourage people to vote on April 22, and it draws more attention to some of the loopholes in the election process.

Lets see what happens on April 22nd.


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