April 6, 2016

Enough Kasich, Enough....

This Kasich thing is just getting out of control, here's the latest email from the Romney for President Inc, team:

Friend, nearly every poll shows that both Trump and Cruz will get crushed by Hillary Clinton in the fall.
If we want to win the White House, there is only one Republican candidate who can defeat Hillary: Gov. John Kasich

Here's the pretty chart that they include:

Kasich Email Poll2

This is the numbers the Kasich team doesn't want you to focus on:

April Poll Numbers

Also in the email is this:

It's mathematically impossible for Ted Cruz to win enough delegates to secure the nomination. His claims otherwise are dishonest and it's time for our Party to unify behind the one candidate who can defeat Hillary.

Ted Cruz has spent millions of dollars attacking Gov. Kasich's record, misleading voters. The truth is, John Kasich has the conservative record that Ted Cruz can only dream about. After all, he is another one-term Senator.

Um sorry, but if it's "impossible for Ted Cruz to win enough delegates to secure the nomination" and he has five times as many delegates than you have...um are you using Common Core Math in your calculations?

Sorry John Weaver, Chief Strategist of the Kasich, the team you are on is fighting a losing battle. One more thing, please stop calling me Friend.


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