March 28, 2006

Illegal Immigrants

Ok, Picture this situation:

Every day when you were at work, someone would pick the lock in your home and then use your washer and dryer. No matter what you do, they always manage to get in the house and use the washer and dryer.

So you call the police.

The police decide not to do anything, since no harm is being done, and decide to pass a local ordinance allowing people to go into homes to use other people washer and dryers.

But by using your washer and dryer they are using your electric and water bill and wearing down the washer and dryer. - - - - - -

Ok, so maybe I have to work on the above example a little more. The fact remains, anyone that enters this country illegally is an Illegal citizen.

What does it say about a government that rewards people that enter the country illegally? How effective is that government? This isn't just a George W. Bush problem, Mr. Clinton also allowed Illegal Aliens to apply for citizenship.

Oh, and on the enforcement side: only 3 companies were punished by hiring illegal aliens in 2005?? While 400 were punished in 1998? Looks like someone isn't doing their job...


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