January 20, 2004

Congrat to John Kerry!

John Kerry took Iowa by storm last night by winning the primary over Howard Dean, the early favorite. In the past few days, John Kerry, was doing well in the polls and it looked like he was going to win. However, members of the media were quick to point out that it was all based on the turn outs and that Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt had a large team on the ground. In the end, most analysis said that John Kerry and second place finisher Sen. John Edwards look more presidential.

New Hampshire is next week, and all the candidates are already hitting the state this morning, keeping the momentum going. The weird thing is Dick Gephardt has TV ads running right now, even thou he is expected to formally announce that he is no longer a presidential candidate. I guess this is why TV stations ask for money up front before running the ads.

On WRKO in Boston this morning were picking theme songs for the canidates:

In an effort to give the candidates more character, and possibly a more appealing campaign, Blute and Scotto began searching and soliciting phone calls for Candidate theme music. So far, we came up with: The Doors "The End" for John Kerry, "Andy Griffith theme" for John Edwards, Canned Heat "Goin' up the Country" for Howard Dean, and Beck "Loser" for Dick Gephardt.


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