October 8, 2003

Schwarzenegger Wins!

Congratulations to Arnold Schwarzenegger on winning the California Governor's seat! I wasn't surprise that he won because Gray Davis shouldn't have won last November. I think Gray Davis downfall was his handling of the power crisis.

I did think that Davis would have stepped down in late September and hand the powers over to Bustamante to keep Sacramento in Democratic control. Maybe in the end he didn't want Bustamante to have the position.

One of my California friends was hoping Georgy Russell was going to win, while I was hoping for a more serious canidate, Brian Tracy.

The Red Sox play the Yankees tonight. Meanwhile the streets around Fenway Park will be off limits to parking to prevent any riots. Personally I think the place to be is Canal St in Boston, which is near the Fleet Center. Check out the The Fours. If the series goes to seven games, I'll be watching the game at The Fours.


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