June 11, 2019


Apple Gymkit is now available on newer machines

Did you know that you can use the Apply Watch to sync to gym equipment! This allows you to transmit data from the equipment to your Workouts in your daily Activities. It's a great way to get accurate data from a workout.

This technology was introduced at Apple's WWDC in 2017 as one of the features of watchOS 4.1. It officially shipped in October of 2017.

Part of the Release Note description:

Sync fitness data with GymKit-enabled treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, and indoor bikes for more accurate distance, pace, and energy burn metrics

Gym Kit Framingham Ma

Manufactures have been slowly adding the GymKit to their equipment. Gyms have been slowly adding the new equipment to consumers. Slow mainly because it's expensive to replace equipment in a busy gym.

Technogym is one of the first manufactures to incorporate GymKit into all their product lines.

LifeTime Fitness in Framingham, which opened in the Summer of 2016, has all sorts of Technogym equipments which supports the Apple Gymkit.

The problem that I encounter is a lot of the gym equipment isn't connected to the Internet. So when I try to sync up the Apple Watch to the treadmills it doesn't sync.

if you put your iPhone on the equipment, you may find that it launches the Wallet app. Apparently the GymKit sends a similar signal as the payment devices. (Don't worry your not getting charged for anything.)

According to Technogym, the proper way to sync up the machines is to use their MyWellness App.

Gym users using their favourite Technogym cardio, strength or class equipment are able to simply tap their Apple Watch to seamlessly connect to treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bikes, rowers, stair steppers, strength machines and most of the Technogym product range. In this ground-breaking innovation, data will sync seamlessly, personal programs are automatically set and results are saved to monitor progress, resulting in the most complete seamless training journey.

More details on their Apple Watch page at Technogym.

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