Using the Apple Watch in the Pool

Is the Apple Watch safe for the pool

May 28, 2019

Using the Apple Watch in the Pool

Did you know that the Apple Watch is safe to use in the water?

Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch (1st generation) have a water resistance rating of IPX7 under IEC standard 60529. Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple Watch Series 4 have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010.

Apple Watch Water

Apple Watch Series 3 Waterproof Capability

Apple Watch Series 3 meet the ISO standard 22810:2010 for waterproof. This means that you can swim with the watch as long as you don't go more than 50-meters or 164 feet. So this means that it's safe to use in any swimming pool. (I would think twice about salt water because of the leftover salt residue.)

Hot Tub too?

I used the Apple Watch in the Hot Tub and didn't encounter any issues. I didn't find anything about a max water temp, and for my test I didn't put the watch all the way down in the hot tub.

One good thing about the Watch was that the timer told me when my 10-minutes was up. The timer at the hot tub place didn't work too well.

Cleaning the Watch After a Swim

After a swim, clean out the water that might get under the digital crown:

  • Tap the Watch face and scroll up.
  • Click on the Water drop, just below the quater moon.
  • Now start scrolling the Digital Crown until you get a beeping sound and an indicator on the watch face that the water has been removed.

Wearing the watch while swimming is a great way to add you swimming movements to your daily activity. Otherwise, there's not really much value to wearing the watch in the water.

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