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Why Mac?

Classic Macintosh PDF from 1996

Here's an interesting "Why Mac" PDF from 1996. It was at a time where the fast Apple Computer was the PowerMac G3. People could buy the Performa 6360 or the Power Macintosh 4400. Clone Macs were just about to hit the shelves.

Interesting Things about this Document

The now redirects to the Apple Newsroom.

David Caren, the first person on the page now works as a Senior Systems Engineer at Cisco.

David Landrith of Virginia was the only one to mention that the computer "runs the current operating system (7.5) in addition to Unix." David is now the Chief Data Strategist & Senior Level IT Portfolio Manager at the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Lots of great classic Mac's mentioned in various stories.

Document was created on Acrobat PDFWriter 2.0 for Macintosh on Apr 24, 1996, at 9:19 AM - two months after Gil Amelio became the CEO of Apple Inc.

Why Mac PDF

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