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One of the downsides of using Mapdiva's ArtBoard is that it don't fully support vector EPS. Which means that when you include an EPS file in an ArtBoard document the image will be rasterized. You can't change the vectors in the EPS. This is an issue when you purchase an EPS file that contains multiple objects from CreativeMarkets and InkyDeals.

ArtBoard is currently working on a new version to be shipped sometime this year. They haven't announced if they will support vector EPS files. However, in the Mapdivia forums, various ArtBoard authors have indicated that EPS support isn't a primary use of the application.

As to whether this is important, the majority of our target customer base do not care about it - Artboard and Ortelius are not intended to compete with Illustrator for graphics professionals. ~ Graham "Keymaster" on April 1, 2012 at 1:53 am

ArtBoard does support SVG, and there are some graphic libraries available for that, such as However, not all SVG files are the same. Some of the files were created as raster graphic files in SVG format.

There is no way to tell the difference between a rendered graphic SVG and a vector graphic file. If you're using, look for vector in the image description.

On Mapdiva Blog, they talk about two ways to properly open an SVG file. When dealing with an SVG file that has multiple objects, such as the linear.SVG, I find the best way is to drag the SVG file to the ArtBoard application. This opens the file allowing you to select the object that you want to use.

If you open the file via the Graphic tool, the SVG file will open as a rendered image. The reason why you don't want it rendered is because you can scale vector images better.

ArtBoard looks to be a cool application and I am looking forward to learning all about the capabilities. As I learn something new, I'll be sure to share it here every week.

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