June 4, 2008

Church Street Station

Church Street Station use the be a great place to visit in downtown Orlando. The idea was that after a long day at the various theme parks tourist would unwind at a friendly night spot.

The only problem was that the big theme parks - Disney World and Universal, saw the same business opportunity and created there own night spots. Disney World created Pleasure Island and Downtown Disney, and Universal created City Walk.

Universal started the whole night club at the theme park trend with the City Walk in Hollywood. It has become so popular that its a local hangout for LA residences. Various nightclubs are ranked the top night clubs in LA. Disneyland built Downtown Disney, but its nothing compared to Universal City Walk.

Today Church Street Station is nothing like it use to be. Download the brochure to see what the place looked like in the late 1990s. The barbecue ribs at Cheyenne Salon Restaurant were really good, and who could forget Terror on Church Street?

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